A special open house – from FB

Very thankful to God for today! For a chance to meet old friends – my friends and their boys. A chance to see how God has worked through them. A chance to learn about how God has answered many people’s prayers in the past – to see where the people we prayed for in the past are and how God is using them now… A chance to be encouraged to keep the long term perspective in mind and to keep persevering in doing my little bit – a much needed encouragement. A chance to meet someone who knew my full name because she’d been praying for me monthly as she goes through the prayer diary. A chance to meet a young man who agreed with me that it’s really great to be a Christian because that’s the source of our ultimate identity. A chance to have good conversations with my travel companions on the way there and on the way back – hoping and praying that they too would be encouraged by what they had the chance to learn/see today and that if it is God’s will, He will be pleased to continue His good works in and through them in the future once they are back in their home country or wherever God may place them…
To me, today is just such a wonderful blessing!! =) It was just such a privilege to see faces I recognised from many years ago! Such a privilege to be part of their ministry with my friends through prayers! Will be keeping them and the people dear to them (back there) in prayers. But yeah, feeling VERY thankful to God for today! Exhausted. But very thankful! =D
Thanks for having an open house, Danny and Debbie and Mullins boys. Thank you for sharing great foods and your lives with us! =)

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A chance to see God at work! =)

From FB:

God kindly gave me a really good start to the day by sending a message from a brother who told me what he’s learning from his Bible reading today!!

Very thankful to God for a chance to see His Spirit working in the brother, helping him to keep reading His word, and to understand and see the Bible’s relevance to our daily life!

It’s always very encouraging to see God working in His people through His Word, made effective by His Spirit, changing them/us to be more like Christ our Lord!! =)

I’m very very thankful to God for all that and for the encouragement! =)
The best way to start a day!! =D (well, second best after prayer and Bible reading, I guess – although it’s kind of still related to that…)

And to the brothers and sisters on my special prayer list – prayed for you guys (again) this morning – that God is still helping you to find great joy in knowing Him better through His Word and that He’ll help you (actually help “us” – as I included myself in the request) to love Him all the more =)

What I didn’t include on FB:

What I also found encouraging about the message from the brother is to see how God’s Spirit really is helping him to understand the Bible for himself. And so to see him growing in his confidence to understand and find things the Bible… That’s very encouraging! Just because, we all can be wrong – yes, even all his teachers, no matter how good they are. But God and His Word can’t be wrong. And so, feeling very encouraged to see God’s work in the brother! =)

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Let’s promise…


As one of the recipients of these puppies guessed, each thing I made for someone is special and has a special meaning in my heart.

Each of these puppies is special in their own way. Together, they are even more special!

But each does have a special meaning. Each was chosen and decided with a particular person in mind. Each was made especially for someone.

I grow attached to the things I made…

That’s why I don’t often make things for people. And I don’t make things for many people… Simply because I do grow attached to my “creatures”. And it’s never easy to actually give them away.

The more complicated it is to make, the harder it is to part with them…

These puppies has 10 parts each. That’s a lot! In the past, I tried not to give people something that would require more than 4 or 5 parts to make.

Maybe my skills have improved over time, but it still is something to make a creature made up of 10 different parts =)

And they just look so good together!!! All the four of them together!

Look at them!!!



Don’t they look cute together?!

It’d be sad to separate them into 4 different homes tomorrow =(

The Shiba Inu would definitely feel sad… But I know the other puppies would probably be sad as well… ='(

Ah, why the title? Because nothing is certain in this world. And because we are human beings, we don’t know what will happen in the future… But we know that if each of us hold on to Christ as He has promised to hold on to us, then no matter what happens here on earth, we’ll meet again together in heaven! =D

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Encouraging chats…

I’m always thankful to God for my chats with my sister (real sister who is also a sis in Christ). Just because she is a good listener =) but, from time to time, without doing it consciously, she would talk about something that reminds me that only a renewed heart through Christ can bring about real difference, not just in someone’s life, but also in the society we live in. That without transformed hearts, people really are scary beings with their tendency and ability to sin – with their sinful hearts. I told her she reminded me of what I learned from the Social Gospel Convention, how without changed hearts in Jesus, educated will only help people to know how to sin “better”, to steal – instead of just food and money to live on – lots more money, in more advanced ways – education and smart criminals…
I don’t think my sis realised that was what she was doing – making those conversations on purpose. But yeah, that wasn’t the first time she reminded me of simple but profound truths like that. I’m really thankful to God for His good work in and through her =) Thankful to God for a sis who is also a sis in Christ. Need to keep praying for mercy for rest of my family members…

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Trust Him.

I’m worried… of the unknown…

Of the future that I don’t know about, of a place I’m not familiar with…

No, not talking about myself. I’m talking about my friends…

What kind of future will they have to go back to? What kind of challenges do they need to face?

What temptations and peer/family/social pressures would they need to fight against and what encouragement and support would be available to them?

Honestly, I’m scared. I’m really scared of letting them go…

What would their future be like? Would they keep loving God? Or would they one day look back and say “It was a good time over there – back then when I was young and didn’t know better…” Would they say that?!

Of course I’m praying that it would never be the case. That God would always look after them. That even if I never get a chance to meet them again on earth after they leave me, I would meet them again in heaven one day.

But somehow, it’s still a scary thing for me…

I know some people might not understand my sense of attachment. As in, how can I get so attached to them when I’ve only known them for so long – so many months…

But yeah… somehow, because I made the effort, because I am the way God has created me to be, these new friends are very precious to me now. And somehow, I love and care for them as much as the others I’ve come to love and care for in the past.

When those people left me, I was worried as well… But at least I knew a little bit of the place that I was sending them back to? While with these ones, I don’t know anything about their place… And I guess, that is why I’m kind of scared and worried and why I get teary every time I think of saying goodbye to them…

I know God loves them. And I know He will look after them.

As God reminded me again and again through Al’s talks – “Jesus’ job is already taken!”.

And as God reminded me through a brother, He is more than able to answer my prayers. In fact, if I pray, God will act, and as was the case many times in the Old Testament, the enemy of God’s people who got killed by God are always more than those killed by the Israelites! Simply because God can do a lot more than anyone – we just need to trust Him and pray and ask Him to act.

I need to remember that God loves these people more than I do.

That it is God who started His good works in them, and it is Him who will bring it to completion.

He will look after His people. He won’t let anyone steal His sheep.

Trust Him, Lilies. You need to. Trust Him. He is able to look after His sheep and He will look after them. Trust Him. (This is me, preaching to myself =))

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Better than 100,000 soldiers…

A brother in Christ reminded me today that our prayers are much better than 100,000 soldiers(!!)

Brought to mind the story in 2 Kings 19…

Thankful to God for His reminder through the brother!

In working with people, I do need to remember that it is God who is in control and who can make a difference and can protect His own people… I just need to pray and trust Him with them! =)

Thankful to God for the privilege of bringing things before Him in prayers, and for His power and kindness to answer our requests =)

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News from my Overseas Friends…

Throwing out lots of old stuff / papers and came across so many missionary prayer letters!!! I can’t keep them and have to let them go. After all, they are only printed letters…

I am, however, reminded of something that an older sister in Christ told me a long time ago.

She said, “I used to be on fire about supporting missionaries as well before, but not anymore…”

Wondering how true that is for me…

Sure, I work for a mission organisation. Still…

Anyway, one of the missionaries that I used to keep in touch with, in fact one of the first few missionaries I used to keep in touch with, is now one of my bosses in the office =)

Not long after he started, I told him that if he thinks I’m of any value to the organisation, then he can also thank God for the part that he and his wife played in helping me interested in being personally involved in world mission =)

I love my workplace. And I’m very thankful to God for the chance to work here.

These letters will go to the bin, but hopefully what they’d taught me will stay with me as I work in my workplace and serve others in similar situations to them… =)

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